Remington XF8550 Replacement Foil and Cutter

The Remington electric shaver replacement parts are easy and affordable to obtain. The Remington Smart-Edge Shaver XF8550 is an exceptional model that makes use of active-hybrid technology. It combines the best of the rotary and foil shavers for excellent performance and comfort. This technology also sets the foils such that the outer ones cut longer hair whereas the inner ones trim the shortest hair. The resulting outcome is a clean, smooth shave after just one-pass shave.

The head’s stainless steel blades are open-arched to function without making noise. It also feels good during the shave. Its foils are flexible and adjust to depression on the face to produce amazing results. This design also lessens vibration of the shaver.

This shaver makes use of lithium power in order to retain charge for a long time. It can run for 50 minutes without power after charging. Additionally, you only need to charge it for five minutes for it to serve you without power for one shave. Moreover, its power source is another contributor to a steady shave. The battery pushes the spins and motor with a uniform force. It only takes two hours to charge from a cordless source. The charge stand also serves as a case for the shaver.

Remington foils and blades encompass the latest technologies. They make use of waterproof wet-tech design that is adjustable to the comfort of the customer. It is versatile and can be used with foam, gel, a dry shave or in the shower.

This shaver is also light enough for the hand and its volume is also appealing. The Remington shaver’s head stays close to the chin, jawline and neck, to trim all hair properly.

Remington XF8550 Replacement Foil and CutterRemington XF8550 Replacement Foil and Cutter

Remington SPF-XF85 SmartEdge replacement foil and blades for electric shaver remington XF8550 screen cutter replacement parts refill.

How to Replace the Remington Shaver Head

Replacing the electric shaver head is a simple task that also takes a short amount of time. The following steps go into replacing the head.
1. To replace the head, detach the foil through pressing the release button on the electric shaver. You can also pull off the foil.
2. Rotate the cutter and remove it from the shaver. Do not hold the blades but the ends of the cutter.
3. Attach the new cutter and rotate it in place.
4. Return the foil and secure it at its previous position.


Electric shavers’ replacement parts prolong the life of the shavers. They allow you to save time and money. You do not need to buy the whole shaver each time the blades become less effective. You can replace the electric shaver head a countless number of times. It is easy to select the type of replacement heads for a Remington electric shaver. Normally, the model of the electric shaver requires a well-matched head for fit.

The Remington electric shaver is a top and favourite brand in the market. It has satisfactory outputs and only requires the replacement of the heads after 12 months.

If you happen to be an individual who shaves in dry as well as wet conditions alternatively, a Remington electric razor is going to be your best bet since it works well in both the conditions.


Remington electric shavers have a high initial price. However, in the long run, they save money because you only replace parts of it.

The battery pack of these shavers at times dies in the middle of a shave. They therefore require a spare battery to get you through a shaving session.

Remington SP62 Replacement Foil and Cutter

Remington SP62 Replacement Foil and Cutter


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Remington SP62 shaver heads dual foil replacement screen and cutters close shave for men electric shaver remington models df5, df20, df10, df30, df40, df55, df56 da57, da107, da307, da325, da407, da757, da767, xlr9000, xlr9200, xlr9400, xlr9500, xlr9600, xlr9800, f3790, f3800 replacement parts.


Replace the foil

  • Pull the foil assembly up to remove from the hair pocket.
  • Insert new foil assembly in hair pocket until it snaps into place.
  • (Cr:Remington F3800 Dual-X Foil Shaver)

Replace the cutters

  • Grasp cutter between thumb and forefinger and pull forward.
  • Snap both new cutter assemblies into top of oscillator tips.
  • (Cr:Remington F3800 Dual-X Foil Shaver)


Remington SPF-300 Replacement Foil and Cutter

Remington SPF-300 Replacement Foil and Cutter


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Remington SPF-300 replacement foil and cutter for men electric razor remington f4900, f5800 and f7800 replacement screen cutter and blades refill.

Remington SPF-300 contains one screen and two cutters.

Recommend to replace screens and cutters every 6 months.


remington SPRCDN replacement heads

remington SPRCDN replacement heads


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Remington SPRCDN teflon coated heads and cutter assembly for Remington 360 Pivot & Flex Rotary shavers.

Remington SPRCDN replacement blades for men electric shaver remington r rotary shavers model r2-405, r455, r605, r655, 3130, r3130nb, r3150, r4100, r4110, r4130, r4130nbg, r4135, r4135xlp, r4150, r4155, r5130, r5130nb, r5130xp, r5150, r6130, r6130xp, r6150, r7130, r7130cdnnb, r7130nb, r7150, r8150 blades replacement spare parts refill.

Replace your blades every 12 months for good performance. Easy to replace with fit and finish with only one piece design to change. The one-piece, click-in design makes replacing the head a snap.

Replacing the old head took about 5 seconds, just lift the old one straight up at the hinge and slide the new one down.


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