Norelco adapter charging power cord

Norelco adapter charging power cord


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The power adapter contains a transformer. The charging plug automatic worldwide voltage converts 100 – 240V AC to less than 24V DC.

Works with Norelco SensoTouch, Arcitec, AquaTec, PowerTouch, Cool Skin, Spectra, Speed XL, Reflex Action, Reflex Plus, Quadra Action.

Compatible with Norelco SensoTouch shaver models: 1150x, 1160x, 1160cc, 1180x, 1180xx, 1250x, 1250xcc, 1260x, 1280x, 1280xcc, 1290x

Compatible with Norelco Arcitec shaver models: 1050x, 1050cc, 1059x, 1060x, 1060cc, 1090x

Compatible with Norelco AquaTec shaver models: at750, at751, at752, at754, at790, at810, at811, at815, at830, at875, at880, at890, at891, at895, at940, at893

Compatible with Norelco PowerTouch shaver models: pt720, pt724, pt730, pt735, pt920, pt849cc, pt860, pt861, pt920cc, pt925, pc937cc, pt710, pt715, pt725, pt729

Compatible with Norelco Cool Skin shaver models: 8020x, 8040x, 8060x, hq8420, hs8060, hs8040, hs8020, hs8000, hs8420, hs8460, 6701x, 6705x, 6706x , 6709x, 6711x, 6716x, 6735x, 6737x, 6756x, 7735x, 7737x, 7745x, 7775x

Compatible with Norelco Spectra shaver models: 7810xl, 8825xl, 8831xl, 8845xl, 8846xl, 8865xl, 8883xl, 8894xl, 8895xl

Compatible with Norelco Speed XL shaver models: 8135xl, 8140xl, 8150xl, 8151xl, 8160xl, 8160xlcc, 8170xl, 8170xlcc, 8171xl, 8175xl, 8240xl, 8245xl, 8250xl, 8251xl, 8260xlcc, 8270xl, hq8155, hq8160, hq8170, hq8200, hq8240, hq8260, hq8250, hq8270, hq8290, 9160xl, 9170xl, 9190xl, 9195xl

Compatible with Norelco Reflex Action shaver models: 6853xl, 6856xl, 7140xl, 7145xl, 7180xl, 7183xl, 7240xl, 7260xl, 7310xl, 7315xl, 7325xl, 7340xl, 7345xl, 7349xl, 7350xl, 7380xl, 7110x, 7115x, 7120x,7125x

Compatible with Norelco Quadra Action shaver models: 7616x, 7617x, 7800xlcc, 7825xl, 7845xl, 7864xl, 7865xl, 7867xl, 7885xl, 7886xl


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